Restaurants in Paris : my top 5

I love eat lists so i’ve decided to made one by myself. I’m a big fan of parisian restaurants, known as the best food city in Europe it is also a palette of cultures provided by the world best cooks. What do you want to eat next ? a gourmet burger ? a revisited version of the croque-monsieur ? or a healthy brunch ? You have so many possibilities so, here is a small list of some of my favorite restaurants in Paris. 


Coming straight from Moscow, this gastronomic restaurant will take you to Russia through its delicious flavours. The menu can make everyone happy, from the starters to the dessert, I recommend you to order the burger or the revisited croque-monsieur. I know you will say this is so classic but I swear it’s sooooo taaaasty. Finally, to finish your meal don’t hesitate to try the fabulous fruity dessert. 


A new trendy adress in Oberkampf district and you will love it. It’s sunday everyday at Café FouFou, you can enjoy the brunch menu from Monday to Sunday. Café FouFou, one of the best brunch in Paris,  This is a warm and cosy place that serves delicious food. On the menu you can find mostly sweet and a bit salty dishes, fresh juices, and hot drinks. Everything is prepared from top quality products. I tried the toast with smoked salmon and avocado : just amazing ! (see picture).


At Itacoa, the chef-cook Rafael Gomes cares about your health, that’s why the products are carefully selected to provide healthier meals. Itacoa’s menu is like a nutritionist’s book, you can treat yourself with simple and healthy food. The quality of the seasonal vegetables shines on the menu as does the Brazilian items : pão de queijo and açai bowl. The açai is a brazilian traditional dish from Amazonia, it is tasty and contains antioxidants ,vitamins (E and B1), this is full of iron, protein, and carbohydrate. 

4/ Hanoi Cà phê

This Vietnamese restaurant is a mix between a parisian-bistrot and a coffee-shop located in Opera district. As soon as you enter you are captivated by the colorful design inside is amazing so automatically you want to stay and discover the menu. To begin your meal I recommend to order the big nems (Grands Nems), then the famous BO BUN (vietnamese traditional food), and to finish on a sweet note the delicious mango tiramisu. 


Ah ! The French and the cheese, a love story. Located in Bastille district, this wine bar offers cold cuts “assiette de charcuteries” in French. On the menu you can choose a cheese plate, a ham plate, or a mix of both. It is a cosy place where you can enjoy a good glass of wine with the people you love. It opens everyday at 6pm. 


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