What to do in Hong Kong in one day ?

Hong Kong is a crazy city full of surprises, with the shops, the buildings, or  the food, we don’t know where to start.  If you are lacking of time and want to visit Hong Kong in just one day, here are some ideas of places really nice to discover. 


Nathan Street is just amazing , there is any kind of shops, cosmetics, electronics or clothes,etc… This is the best place to do some shopping and to find many gifts for your friends and familly.  If you need a little break  you can relax and try the famous chinese traditional food : Dim Sum. 


Mine bar-Lan Kwai Fung.

This is THE place to have a drink or to eat, there is many restaurants and  bars with a good atmosthere. You can hear music and live bands in the streets. It is recommended to go at the end of the day so you can enjoy the Happy Hours between 5pm-8pm. 

Above and Beyond in Kowloon 

The view from the restaurant Above and Beyond 

You can’t leave Hong Kong without tasting the cantonese food. The restaurant Above and Beyond offers a fantastic view from the 28th floor of the ICON hotel. The service and the food was amazing, I tried the Crispy chicken with a double boiled mushroom soup : Sooo Tasty ! Don’t hesitate to ask for a table with a view when you book online.                        

 OZONE BAR in Kowloon

To begin or finish the evening and reach the sky at the Ozone bar situated at the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Another place to enjoy the beautiful city of Hong Kong thanks to its rooftop (weather permitting).  


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