Top healthy skincare

There is more and more healthy skincares, this is not only important for our skin but also for our health. You can see now some cosmetics without paraben, sulfate, phenoxythanol, etc… All these risky ingredients act as endocrine disruptors and have been identified as carcinogens. Indeed, our skin absorbs these produtcs everyday so in the long term we absorb also these harmful chemicals. 

It is nice to have a good beauty routine but it is better with healthy ingredients, so i have made this list with my favorite skincares of the moment without harmful chemicals. 

1/ Ultra-soft foam by Biorecept (face) 

With its ultra-soft texture, this foam removes make-up completely leaving the skin clean and fresh without dry effect. I use this product since last year and i can’t live without it, this is clearly the best cleanser for sensitive skins. For any type of skins, this formula is enriched with purifying and antiseptic plant extracts to effectively cleanse skin and regulate its oil production. In addition to that, it has a moisturizing effect thanks to the hyaluronic acid. 

Biorecept website

2/ Hydreane light cream by Laroche Posay 

This cream moisturizes deeply the skin thanks to the main active ingredient: the glycerin. It is the perfect cream for sensitive skin, with its Laroche Posay Thermal Spring Water, a natural active ingredient that soothes the skin and at the same time has an antioxidant benefit. 

Laroche Posay website

3/ Intense eye make-up remover by AVENE

After a long day or night out the last thing we want to do is to waste time cleansing our skin and to sleep with red eyes. It can be uncomfortable to clean the skin surrounding the eye because this is a delicate zone, and rubbing too much irritates this thin part of the face. This eye make-up remover formula is combining Avene Thermal Spring Water and make-up removing oils adapted for sensitive skins. It removes efficiently waterproff make-up in a single move. 

Avene website

4/ Tissue Masks by 

This is my favorite masks ! An easy and fast way to say goodbye to your skin imperfections. I recommend the Brightenning and Hyaluronic acid mask. These masks are soaked in a concentrated serum made of natural active ingredients like cornflower extract, liquorice root, green tea or rice extract. This french  brand is certified eco-friendly, without paraben.


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