My 10 beauty tips for a radiant skin

Who has never dreamed of having a perfect skin ?

We have wasted  so much time in beauty stores trying to make the right choice, to buy the wrong product for our skin, to accumulate more products than needed or worse not getting  the expected result.

Even if we looooooove to spend time pampering our face it is better to have a fast beauty routine in order to dedicate more time to other things. So here you can find my tips and how I do it, this is simple and effective 🙂

1. Clean your face

This is THE most important step of your beauty routine. In the morning, before any skincare or make-up  you  need to remove all the impurities with a good cleanser, in order to reduce skin imperfections or blemishes. It can have different form : oil, foam, gel, or a cleansing water. At the end of the day the accumulation of the pollution, the dust and the make-up can be aggressive for our skin because the pores trap all the dirt particles, so again, it is essential to clean deeply your face at night.

2.Water vapor

It can surprise you but trust me you will like it ! Indeed, the vapor will open your pores and it will be easier for you to clear the blackhead. I recomend to do it once a week so you don’t irritate your skin. All you need is hot water in a bowl and a towel. Put your face above the bowl (not too close) and cover your head with the towel. Stay at least 5 minutes then dry your skin softly with a cotton. You will see the difference, your skin will be totally clean after that.

3. Exfoliation for a “new” skin

The best way to get rid of all dead cells and impurities is to exfoliate your skin with a face scrub.  There is different types of scrub and for any type of skin : gel, cream or grainy. I recommend a soft scrub because exfoliation can be aggressive sometimes specially for sensitive skins. How to do it ? Apply a small amount of scrub on your wet face using  circular movements, (be careful do not exfoliate the eye contour !) then rinse with water. After the exfoliation don’t forget to moisturize your skin in order to protect the epidermis. Concerning the frequency, you can do it once or twice a week it depends on you skin type.

4. Tissue Masks

This is one of my favorite skincare, simple, fresh and absolutely effective.  These masks are soak in a concetrate serum that can moisturize, purify your skin and some of them have an anti-aging affect. Straight from Korea, the tissue masks have been integrated to the beauty routine of many women in the world, because it is easy and fast to apply, and you don’t need to rinse after using the mask. After removing the mask you can see a big difference, your skin is glowy, the complexion is better and the face becomes smooth and instantly moisturized. You can apply this kind of mask twice a week during 15-20 min to maintain a natural beautiful skin.

5. Moisturize again and again !

We all know this basic rule which is to moisturize everyday the skin after your cleansing. The moisturizing creme recreates the natural barrier of the skin that helps against any agressivity of the day like pollution, dust and make-up. To be sure you are choosing the right creme, you should recognize what type of skin you have : dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin. Some creams have active ingredients that helps skin problems, I recomend you to choose natural cremes with less chemical products or organic cremes to reduce risks and get a “healthy” skin.

6. The sunscreen : your bestfriend for a perfect skin !

The sun ! we love it but this is our first ennemy 😦 why ? It can cause premature ageing of the skin. So if you are young with a beautiful skin you should preserve it. I recommend you to put sunscreen when you go outside even if there is no sun, because it protects your skin against the pollution, the dust and UV rays, with the sunscreen you are sure to have a good protection. This is also a good primer thanks to its texture, your make up lasts all day long.

7. Drink a lot of water

Water is life ! This is crucial to drink water, for the health and for the hydration of the skin and the body. It permits to the body to elimate toxins through the pores and it stimulates the organs of elimination (liver, kidneys,…). I recomend to drink water in the morning before eating or drinking something acid.

8.  sleep enough to have a beautiful skin !

As you know it is important to sleep for various reasons, for the health, it can avoid some diseases, it gives us energy, it helps to fight against the stress, and it makes you beautiful ! Based on scientific facts when you sleep at night your skin regenerates itself with the cells multiplication. For a better effect it is important to clean your skin before sleeping, so the skin can “breathe”, it is not neceserarry to apply a creme at night because it suffocates and avoid the recovery of the skin. However if you have skin problems (acne, redness, dry skin, etc.) it is recommended to apply a creme containing only natural active ingredients during the cure.

9. A healthy food

The key for a skin without problems is obviously a healthy food : fruits, vegetables, nuts like almonds, cashew nuts,… It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not, it is recommended to avoid fried food, fatty food, or eat it moderately.

10. A good dermatologist

For any skin problems you should see a dermatologist that will help you to adopt the good manners in order to maintain your skin healthy and its natural beauty. This is the opportunity to ask your questions and know more about your skin.


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